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  • No more walk on girls!

    Today we have heard the news that there will be no more walk on girls on the darts tv shows.

    Of course this has pissed off alot of people. Including us, as we are dedicated to the Walk On Girls and we were in the process of rebuilding the website. Now we aren’t sure if we should continue this work. 

    We are going to try and change this around of course.
    Help us! and sign this petition..

    Click here to sign the petition.


  • World Championship 2018

    Event: William Hill World Championship 2017
    Girls: Rebecca, Ashley, Daniella & Charlotte
    Dancers: Hazel, Lorna, Sophie, Imogen-Rose, Alison & Amy
    Date: December 15, 2016 – January 2, 2017
    Winner: Michael van Gerwen
    Album Link:


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    World Championship 2018: Hottest Dancer

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